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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Complementary Advantages, Create a Better Future! Aiways Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Star Charge!
2017/12/2 10:26:27

On the morning of September 21, Co-founder and President Fu Qiang and Vice President Zhan Gengwu of Jiangxi Aiways Industrial Co., Ltd. visited Star Charge and formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement on collaboration in the field of new energy vehicle charging! The two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in areas of charging services, car sales, after-sales and travel services.


In 2016, the new energy automobile market in China has achieved rapid development, surpassing the United States and ranking No.1 in global sales. With the vigorous promotion of the national energy saving and emission-reduction work, the rapid development of new energy automobile industry and the favorable national and local policies have created new market opportunities. Under the environment of integrated innovation of automotive reform, the two parties would like to take this opportunity to innovate the market operation mode through strategic cooperation and resource integration, enhance the core competitiveness of both parties, and jointly discuss the new trends in the development of electric vehicle marketing models and the development of vehicle intelligent networking.

Shanghai Aiways Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangxi Aiways Industrial Co., Ltd. and is committed to the manufacturing and parts sales of new energy Internet smart electric vehicle. Based on traditional industry experience and equip with government resources and social capital, the company determined to break the tradition and integrating cross-borderly into the Internet mode of "interconnection, sharing and intelligence". The development model is exactly in line with the connotation "understand operation and remain more intelligent" of Star Charge. Today, both parties are seeking cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles. It is based on the consumer experience and the ecological perspective of the entire new energy industry to solve the pain spots and difficulties in the daily life from points to areas. Ms. Shao Danwei, Chairman of Star Charge stated: “Aiways and Star Charge shares strong complementarity in the strategic layout of the new energy automobile industry. Star Charge will cooperate with Aiways in many aspects to jointly promote the new energy industry in the future.” Fu Qiang, President of Aiways said: “I hope the company will conduct industrial discussions with Star Charge in the future, taking advantage of the common resources of both parties to solve customers' pain spots, taking their respective advantages to complement each other and provide users with further travel solutions."


Star Charge ranks No.1 in daily average charging capacity among electric vehicle charging operators in China. Currently, there are more than 35,000 self-built charging equipment terminals on the platform and the daily charging capacity exceeds 1.2 million degrees, ranking No.1 in the domestic market (extracted from the largest third-party mobile data service platform Talkingdata in China). As the only operator in the country that is continuously profitable, Star Charge understands operations and remains more intelligent.