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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Hillhouse as the Lead Investor, Star Charge Completed its Series B Funding
2021/5/19 8:52:46

On May 17, Wanbang Digital Energy & Star Charge announced that it has obtained round B financing from Hillhouse Capital, IDG Capital, Taikang Insurance Group, Powerlong Group and Sino-Ocean Group, etc., with a post-investment valuation of 15.5 billion, becoming a leading digital energy unicorn company in Asia . Star Charge engages in the connection of energy and transportation and is recognized as a new force in the field of energy emission reduction and transportation emission reduction. Nowadays, carbon neutrality has become the consensus and mission of the world. In this context, Star Charge issued a call in the industry for co-building the worlds largest mobile energy Internet ecosystem. This company developed a series of outstanding and innovative products and established three strategic networks including the charging network, the smart micro-grid, and the mobile energy network. Star Charge also applied the advanced business model called the SSH trio, which deeply corporates the software, the service, and the hardware of Star Charge. 


 "Propelling the electrification of transportation ,  leading the global energy digitalization. " Star Charge will keep on adhering to the mission of the times and consistently connect the world and connect the people.