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Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging infrastructures for new energy vehicles
Star Charge became CharIN’s 88th member
2017/10/12 13:17:21


Becoming a member of CharIN was an obvious choice after experiencing the Testival in Versailles. It became clear to Jeff that to master PLC and being able to correctly implement ISO 15118 it would be of great help to join CharIN. At the same time the outside world would be able to know Star Charge and the company could contribute to the CCS community by sharing its experience of knowledge gained in the Chinese market.


In China Star Charge has a very dense EV charging infrastructure in place with over thirty thousand chargers. Developing such an infrastructure cost a lot of money. Thanks to government support and subsidies the EV charging network could be put in place in a swift way. At the same time Star Charge also works very closely with the EV makers to make sure that the public EV charging facilities meet the needs of the consumers, the equipment is reliable and remains cheap to operate. Jeff expects that the same will be happening in the US and Europe because by 2030 many countries will stop the sales of cars with conventional engines. This means that the demand for EVSE infrastructure will grow fast. With the experience gained in China he expects that Star Charge will also be able to set up a competitive DC charging network abroad.


Why DC charging? At present EV makers in China and abroad are focusing on the development of High Performance batteries from 40kWh to 90kWh. So HPC will be needed soon to service the new generation of EV. One trend he noticed in China is that the onboard chargers are being omitted in EV to reduce the cost of the car. In return those cost-savings will increase the penetration of EV in many countries. He therefore expects DC charging to become main stream, at the cost of AC charging and this, at least for those countries where ownership of parking space is limited.

In your opinion what is the advantage of CCS? Using PLC allows for highly secured exchange of information and when well implemented avoids tempering or hacking of data. It’s therefore a pity that only a few companies master this technology. Case in point, in China only Neusoft masters this technology and assists with the development of the Star Charge EVSE technology.


Looking towards the future, Star Charge is gearing up for the demand in Europe and will set up a Germany operation for the sales and maintenance of their equipment.