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Star charge focuses on manufacturing of new energy vehicle charging equipment
  • Star charging won the bid for Macau Power European standard DC pile project
  • Mr. Ni Kai, President of Mercedes Benz China, visited the stars to recharge the batteries, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange of new energy vehicle charging services.
  • Star charging and Tencent formally sign cooperation agreement
  • "International Electrotechnical Commission Working Group Meeting on Plug and Connector for Electric Vehicles" sponsored by China Electric Power Enterprise Star Charging was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
  • Volkswagen Group (China) signed a cooperation agreement with star charging
  • ChargePoint - Vice President of Business Development Alan Dowdell, Director of Business Development Wang Yi, President of Huaneng Jingshun Ross - Liu Baojie and others visited Star Charging for a visit to discuss.
  • Star charging ushered in the visit of the Weilai car team
  • Daimler's global board of directors gathered in the stars to charge the Crab Island power station. Dozens of Daimler executives listened to the explanation of the star charging, experienced the smart charging process of the stars, and fully understood
  • Star Charging has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Putian New Energy. Both parties will invest their respective advantageous resources to jointly promote the interconnection of charging operations and provide multi-dimensional and higher-qual
  • Mr. Patuschka, Vice President of R&D of Volkswagen Group in China, went to Wanbang New Energy Group to inspect. Wan Ding, Chairman of Jinzhixing Group, and Ding Feng, Chairman of Wanbang New Energy Group, led a delegation.
  • Mr. Mick Cameron, head of the Jaguar Land Rover Global New Energy Division, visited the 10,000 New Energy Group and spoke highly of the performance of Wanbang in technology and products.
  • Star Charge became CharIN’s 88th member