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    Star Charge, specialized in manufacturing charging equipment for new energy vehicles, serving global clients with charging infrastructures, platforms, users and data operation, with the aid of vehicle sales, private charging, public charging, financial insurance and other businesses, Star Charge creates a user charging life cycle platform, dedicates to serve 500 million people with Internet of Things all over the world, and now, Star Charge has developed into a mainstream private EV charging operator in China, leads the industry in high-power charging technology and intelligent operation and maintenance platform.

    With sustainable profitability, Star Charge has been operating in a better and smarter manner. Ranking first in terms of charge level per day, the company has the largest private charge piles in China and is the only one that has the experience of urban public charge and operate integration. We are the only winner of “demonstration project of major application of energy internet” awarded by National Energy Administration and “2025 new mode application of intelligent manufacturing” by National Ministry of Industry and Information. More than 30 outstanding vehicle companies distributed around the world has become its strategy cooperation partners, including foreign-invested enterprises such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Hyundai Motor, and domestic enterprise such as BYD, BAIC.

    Star Charge will always spare no effort to improve the efficiency of energy utilization, promote structural adjustment and energy conservation and pollution emissions reduction, help the national new energy vehicle industry to stand at the top of the world and promote the development and growth of the national new energy industry.

  • Chairman’s message

    statistics from the National Energy Administration, Star Charge is the No.1 operator in terms of daily charging capacity in China. According to TaLkingdata, the country’s largest third-party data platform, Star Charge is the charging platform most in use and most popular among new energy vehicle owners; nowadays, the charging capacity of Star Charge has exceeded 1 million degrees; more exciting is that the sharing of charging capacity for private stakes has also exceeded 10,000 degrees per day. These figures are far ahead in the world.

    Not only the figures, but also financial report of Star Charge has been stable and profitable for three consecutive years, which is unique in the global charging market. Everybody wonders how to achieve profitability? I carefully analyzed all elements and concluded only seven words: understand more about operation and more intelligently. Our operation is divided into four parts: equipment operation, platform operation, user operation and data operation. Our pioneered intelligent operation and maintenance system is world leading in equipment operation. The system has been approved by the National Energy Administration for the establishment of the “Internet Energy Major Application Demonstration Project” and “Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 New Model Application” by the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Among these two national projects, Star Charge is the only selected charging pile company in the country.

    In terms of equipment operation, more than 90% faults can be diagnosed online. even the emergency stop button can be automatically maintained without being intentionally pressed. Through informatization of supply chain, R&D, production, operation and maintenance of the construction of a digital platform for the whole life cycle of charging piles, Star Charge can greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance. For example, in Taiyuan, we have more than 3,300 fast-charging piles that are used at high frequency and high intensity, which normally requires 20 operation and maintenance engineers. However, because of the advanced intelligent operation and maintenance platform, we only need two engineers to perfectly escort the smooth use of the local 8,300 electric taxis. We also strive for excellence to achieve smarter and more efficient operational results in platform, user and data operation.

    Higher efficiency also means lower costs. Star's goal is to constantly use its own operational experience and IoT technologies to help users continue to reduce operating costs. Only by helping users achieve profit can truly promote prosperity of the industry.

    Because of understanding more about operation, we know how to make devices smarter; our users can operate more easily because devices are more smarter. Being more intelligent in operation is similar to being both strong and intelligent, which will be the goal that the Star employees will unremittingly pursue.

    ——Shao Danwei