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Rich product line / full adaptive models / good stability / strong interoperability / excellent performance in extreme environments


Star Charge, specialized in developing and manufacturing the new energy vehicle charging equipment, also provides a platform that compatible with all national standard models, production lines cover AC and DC equipment, charge cable connector, power module, intelligent electric cabinet, switching equipment and so on, master the core R & D capability of intelligent control, Internet of things, high power rate customization. The platform, the user and the data operation service, with the help of vehicle sales, private charging, public charging, financial insurance and other business to build the full life cycle platform of the user's charging, are committed to serving the five hundred million people in the world with the Internet of things technology, and finally realize the long-term dream of "pile the world" through the enterprise strategy of " Energy interconnection one side, Industrial interconnection another side". Star Charge has developed into a mainstream private electric vehicle charging operator in China, it has a significant advantage in high-power charging technology and intelligent operation and maintenance platform.
Star Charge is an EV operator in the forefront of the national daily charge. At present, there are nearly 4 thousands of self-built charging equipment terminals on the platform, and the daily charge exceeds 2 million 200 thousand degrees. Profitable operators of charging, star charge knows more about operation and intelligence.



Strategic partner of more than 40 well-known enterprises in the world


Provide clients with open services, integrated charging network and charging services into client products, and provide users with charging services.

Settlement System

Unique settlement system, manages affiliated charging pile group, orders, separate account application and settlement records.

Star card self-service

Star Charge APP, equipped with card swiping function and online fast self-service, supports online account querying, recharging and loss reporting.

Key client enterprise management

Enterprise client exclusive solution, online management of enterprise employees, unified recharge, capital allocation, enterprise orders.

Star Charge APP for enterprise

Solutions for internal use, management of charging piles, enterprise users, charging orders and financial self-care.